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New generation rehabilitation app for SLPs


Sanapsis is a rehabilitation iPad app for professional speech and language pathologists (SLPs) working with adults who have acquired communication difficulties.

Sanapsis provides therapy solutions for language skills in all language areas, providing the therapist with examples and ideas how to proceed in the therapy process. Sanapsis has over 35 different types of exercises in six training categories.

Exercises have top-quality photography and text for use in therapy, creating hundreds of tasks for your patient. All the material has been created and tested specifically for Speech Therapy with adults. 

In this video you will learn about the key features of Sanapsis. We will show you how to navigate between tasks and adjust the settings. You will also learn why Sanapsis provides no direct feedback to the patient.

The reading category in Sanapsis has tasks from simple word and picture matching to more complex pieces of text. In this video you will see examples from Word and Picture, Build a Question and Read a Story.

This video has examples of our writing category. You will see examples for Copying letters with your fingertips, using the keyboard to Fill in sentences and completing complex writing tasks using paper and pen. And more!

In the demo for Production category you will see three examples of our exercises: basic Naming (nouns), Create a sentence from given words and Give instructions. Enjoy!

This video gives you examples of our comprehension category. These include YES/NO questions, Following instructions and Questions based on text.

This video shows you exercises from Semantics and Perseveration categories in Sanapsis. In Semantics you will see Is this simile true -exercise (that works especially well with high-level TBI patients). Perseveration tasks give you material to work with those patients who have a tendency to "get stuck" in their speech or even comprehension.


Sanapsis, Sanapsis Svenska and Sanapsis Suomi are available as separate apps from the AppStore for your iPad.

All categories, exercises and full materials are always included in the price.

After purchase no other in-app purchases are required. All future updates with new exercises will also be free! 

Sanapsis is available in three languages: English (Sanapsis) and Finnish (Sanapsis Suomi) and Swedish (Sanapsis Svenska).  Sanapsis is to be used in therapy, in cooperation with the patient and the SLP in charge of the rehabilitation process. It is not to be used independently. If you are not a professional, but are seeking means of independent rehabilitation of language deficits, contact a licensed SLP and ask for advice. Sanapsis does not collect any personal data from its users. However, if you are concerned on how we handle any data you send our way (e.g. via email), please take a look at our privacy policy.

Disclaimer: Speech Clinic Ltd makes no guarantees as to the efficacy of its products. The software application is designed as a therapy tool for use by licenced speech-language pathologists in the context of an appropriate therapy plan.