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All The Things We Love About Speech Therapy With Adults

This blog is about all the things we at Sanapsis Love about Speech Therapy with Adults. 

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Nana Lehtinen

Here we go! I am so excited to share my thoughts with the world! As developers of the iPad app Sanapsis, we love to share and discuss the ideas and things about Sanapsis with our users. As it is impossible to have separate ongoing conversations with all of you individually, we decided to start a blog!


In addition to Sanapsis we will talk about all kinds of things related to speech therapy with adult neurological patients (mainly aphasia and cognitive deficits) in this blog. A strong point of view will be the use of technology in therapy, and how the widespread use of technology is influencing our work with patients. Being situated in Silicon Valley does not hurt, right?

I am so much looking forward to this journey of blogging.  Hope to hear from you along the way!