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All The Things We Love About Speech Therapy With Adults

This blog is about all the things we at Sanapsis Love about Speech Therapy with Adults. 

Interaction between you and your patient

Nana Lehtinen

Interest. Support. Presence. Experience. Reward. Professionalism. Contact. Kindness. All the tools and things and gadgets we have in our therapy room can never override interaction between a patient and a therapist. It might surprise you, but this is exactly why we developed Sanapsis.

Sanapsis is designed especially to promote interaction between you and your patient. The app is filled with ideas about what to do with your patient and the it has means for you to execute them in therapy (picture and text material). The key is that while using Sanapsis it is YOU who is working with your patient - not the app! In other words, the app does not guide your patient, give feedback and move forward in it’s pace. It lets you do the guidance, adjust and use the app for your needs. It even lets your patient make mistakes! 

While using Sanapsis in therapy you get to have all the time and space you need for talking with your patient about the task at hand, making observations, going through the completed tasks, correcting and learning about mistakes.  All the good stuff we get when using more traditional tools like picture cards or paper and pen. And yes, it’s an app. It’s all there, at your fingertips when you launch the app.