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All The Things We Love About Speech Therapy With Adults

This blog is about all the things we at Sanapsis Love about Speech Therapy with Adults. 


Nana Lehtinen

The possibilities of a computer in speech therapy have been explored since the very early computers became available. Tablet computers are a new, fascinating platform that has created a great opportunity to explore the possibilities of technology within rehabilitation. We are very lucky to have witnessed a huge outbreak of different kinds of apps for different platforms since Apple launched the iPad in 2010. It is amazing how much creativity, talent and knowledge has been poured into apps that are targeted for speech therapy in a few short years.

 As with everything new, time and experience tend to give a clearer perspective on what the pros and cons actually are. Exploring with different types of apps tends to result in a crystallized view on the benefits you actually get from using new technology in your day to day practice.

 But one thing technology is not good at is flexibility. And boy Oh Boy do we need to bend and twist and turn with our patients. In my experience the most desirable quality of an SLP is the gift of being able to adjust to current circumstances by holding on to your goals, but finding new ways to get there when your first plan fails. As with almost anything, the simple, well designed things tend to pass the test and prevail to help you work better.

We created Sanapsis to be as flexible as you are. Sanapsis is designed to give you an open platform for working with your patient. Yes, Sanapsis has specific tasks to complete, and yes, it will provide you the stimuli. But Sanapsis does not determinate the goal of the task or force you to do one thing with an exercise. It gives you ideas. It allows you to be flexible and work with your patient. With Sanapsis it is always you two working with the provided stimuli, not the patient working with the device while you observe. 

 But what about collecting data? Or documenting progress? We have not found a way that would be simple to use in clinical settings and yet be flexible enough to gather relevant information about the process. We feel that the observations and analysis of the situation need to be completed and documented through professional eyes. A score of correct answers, automatic data collection on how fast a patient performs can turn speech therapy into an arcade game, and we do not want that, do we? 

 We need flexibility to adjust our methods and help the patient understand their symptoms--a way to help our patients cope with their everyday challenges. Sanapsis will be there to help you plan and deliver highly productive therapy sessions, and you need to be there to deliver and document the functional progress.