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All The Things We Love About Speech Therapy With Adults

This blog is about all the things we at Sanapsis Love about Speech Therapy with Adults. 


Nana Lehtinen

As I scroll down on my own posts I see that I have totally... I guess you can call it "Dropping the ball".. I was meaning to write a post about all of our categories but fell one short! Where is the sixth post about Perseveration?! Hmm.

It is sad to realize you didn't meet your goal. However, in this case I don't feel too bad. You see, writing about different categories kind of launched us on a journey (a long one, I admit). As I write this our latest update is in it's final internal review stages for both language versions for Sanapsis, Finnish and English. In addition to these two, some surprises are cooking too, but more about those later.  Maybe one of those surprises will be me surprising myself by finally writing up that last category, only time will tell..

See you soon as we release our latest stuff in Sanapsis!